RayAce a.k.a ” B-Rizzle ” a.k.a BabyRay, was born at Martin Luther KIng Hospital in Compton California a partner city to Los Angeles, California…..

Greetings! I’m a Music Producer by day, Web Developer by night, and this is my Website. I live in Los Angeles California, have a well rounded personality, and love music. (And gettin’ caught enjoying myself having fun.)

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RayAce Beats was founded in 2005 as BeatEmUpRecords, and has been providing Unique Beats of the future, in time and in tune. Delivering awesome talent to his friends / family and to the public ever since. While located in Los Angeles, RayAce Beats has grown to surrounding cities from Riverside to the Bay area…Has worked in studio’s alike such artist as Afroman, M-Dogg. Danny, Boss Heat. Sean Kardier, j Blue, Tonebone, Willy B, RaddyG and many other artist from east to west and literally north to south.